3 Project Management Best Practices to Increase your Bottom Line

by Diego Salinas on Oct 18, 2017 12:30:45 PM


As a project manager, you never stop learning and evolving. The success of your studio depends on that, as does understanding how your projects perform. Successful projects mean more happy clients, more happy clients mean client referrals, and referrals bring growth and new projects. In the end, all comes down to how your projects perform to achieve growth.

Read these 3 project management best practices for takeaways that can impact your bottom line, lead your team to success, and ensure a positive client experience.

Hold A Project Kick-Off And Wrap-Up Meeting 

One should always have a project kick-off and wrap-up meeting. Unfortunately, many project managers skip these meetings in return for “saving time” and just getting started. To manage a successful project, all your stakeholders need to be at this kick-off meeting so that expectations can be achieved up front.

Once your project has been completed, then it’s  time to reflect on how you can optimize your next projects for success. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get all of the project members together for discussion while everything about the project is still fresh in everyone's heads. Go over lessons learned and apply them.


Document Everything

Documentation for a project manager is imperative. You know this; your team knows this. But does your document control system work? If you put all documentation in a PM software, you save everyone an extraordinary amount of time.

It’s like having a spare tire, you should always have it on hand, you may never use it –but when it’s needed, it is there for you at crucial times. Proper documentation will also gain you respect in the eyes of the client. If you show up to a client meeting with all relevant project information tracked you will be ready to handle questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.  


Value Your Time 

Valuing your time sounds quite vague, so let’s break down this best practice. First, ask yourself, how much of your time is wasted by chasing files, keeping time tracking records, working on spreadsheets, manipulating data? Probably a lot! With a robust project management software, you can alleviate all of this wasted time - since the software does it for you. Not only does it save you time, but it can help you better manage your projects by alerting you when something is off track.

If you’re still working with spreadsheets, you’re not making the most of your time. Project Management software allows architects breathing room, turning your data into actionable information in real-time.


Have Everything In One Place

All of these best practices play a role in leading a successful project, but without a solid enterprise resource planner, you might never reap the benefits of improving your studio's workflow. Also, a good, project management platform will take the load off your mind and let you focus on what really matters. Why don't you take Frank for a ride and transform your studio?


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