3 Tools from Cloud-Based Platforms that Disrupt your Studio Management

by Diego Salinas on Nov 7, 2017 10:38:42 AM


Innovation is not only adding ping-pong tables and bright colors to your studio. It means transforming your firm from within and embracing the ever-changing paradigm of innovation. Architecture industry is ripe for disruption, and it’s become clear that software and newer technologies are making the difference, increasing profits, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Studios wanting to succeed in the digital era have to embrace innovation and transform themselves. So, before you sink, take a look at these ways and check how to embrace digital disruption and reinvent your business.

Advanced Analytics

The use of big data, little data, and machine learning technologies allow platforms to collect unprecedented levels of information that can be then interpreted. On the one hand, this predicts the way your project unfolds and gives you the tools to correct things before mistakes occur. Change your perceptions for facts. Focus on making data-driven decisions about your studio instead of sticking to guesswork and Excel sheets.

Integrated Communications

Communication is king, and the capacity to connect with your stakeholders is one of the leading advantages cloud-based platforms offer. Nowadays, ERP and CRM systems combine market data services, social insights, and knowledge databases to help you collaborate. This way, you can increase engagement and satisfaction as well as assemble proposals to answer the clients’ queries because every person in your studio knows where everything is.

Staff Management

You want your studio to grow, right? When it happens, you’ll probably lose visibility of your collaborators. Their payrolls, important dates, performance goals, and allocated hours might all go unnoticed if you don’t have everything accessible at all times. The more you know your staff, the better they will respond and even though the soft management skills cannot be replaced by cloud-based platforms, looking at your team at a glance is really helpful.

Need a Hand?

Frank integrates these three tools and many more. The platform combines all the facets of your studio and shows you all there is to be seen. Frank not only gives you a birds-eye view of your studio’s gains but it also safely stores your information in the cloud to keep your studio connected.




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