4 Benefits of having Everything in One Place

by Milca Jago on Jul 12, 2017 1:30:00 PM

4 Benefits of having Everything in One Place

Ever since the first smartphone was released to the market, it’s become clear that integration-information couple is a match made in heaven. The basic advantage of having an all-in-one software, platforms and devices is the chance to see different tasks and projects displayed all in one screen, rather than switching between windows. Here are some more benefits that will shed light on the subject, while answering the million dollar question –Why is integration important?

  • It keeps everyone on the same page

How can a staff group turn into a team –and work as such- if they don’t have all the information they need within their reach? Having all the data displayed on one screen gives each member of the staff knowledge (power) and a huge responsibility (accountability), which also makes it easier for everyone to work in a goal-oriented way, as they can quickly see how each individual member’s task contributes to (or hinders) the bigger picture.

  • It helps avoid wasting time looking for data in different sources

The all-in-one approach is the answer to the hassle of opening 10 different windows –one for each kind of file, document, process and or task. This might seem obvious, but some still haven’t figured out how relaxing it is to just have everything stored in one place. It really helps save time, which translates to a more efficient way to work.

  • It provides a clear vision of where your project is standing

We can all agree that it’s a lot easier to anticipate a problem’s coming before it happens when you have a wide vision in front of you, clearly displaying the metrics that matter. A clean, interactive straight-forward platform shows you real-time information, becoming your right hand in administration and leaving you to get back to design.

  • It helps to streamline communication 

One of the main benefits of integration is that staff members don’t need to use an extra server to communicate and interact. Email and meeting integration are among the most popular ways of streamlining communication.

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