4 Qualities of Successful Leaders

by Diego Salinas on Oct 11, 2017 1:04:27 PM


Leadership and management are often confused. Great managers can make weak leaders, and the opposite is also true. Leaders are agents of improvement, innovating to foster a culture of change in a world that is continuously moving. Project managers are fans of processes and workflows that are often set in stone, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be positive influencers and transform their studios.

That’s why we found four qualities succesful leaders have in common so you can use them and see your studio grow.


Chances are some of your collaborators are passionate innovators: this is amazing. There is, without a doubt, room for creativity and innovation within project management, but keep in mind that these two need to yield benefits and create new paths for your studio to thrive. New ideas spur newer ideas: that’s a fact, but innovation is not always looking for the next big thing. Innovation also means adapting and repurposing things in a way that changes not only your workplace but also your team’s lives.



Leaders create a vision about the future state of their company. Most projects are short or mid-term, and project managers are used to that mindset. You, on the contrary, have to go beyond the project and identify a purpose that drives your actions as a studio. Think outside the box and identify what would you want to accomplish instead of what you want to do. It’s great to have measurable goals, but without a clear destination, your studio won’t ever leave a mark in the industry.



Lead by example and build trust among your team to inspire actions and positive outcomes. Visionary managers make their teams feel they have a stake in the studio, offering people opportunities to create their own vision and see themselves as part of the organization. Present your ideas with enthusiasm and in a way your team understands them. Don’t push your ideas onto your team; instead, inspire and motivate them to exceed their own expectations.


Success comes to those who seek it. Keep improving and seeking new ways to make your studio better. Project managers must challenge themselves and their teams, to see through the lens of change and improvement. Become a change agent and establish a framework where every member of the studio embraces risks as something normal and understand that opportunities are theirs to take if they want to grow. This starts with you, though. If you don’t enable your team, they won’t follow you.qualities_succesful_leaders_proactive

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