5 Habits of a Productive Project Manager

by Diego Salinas on Sep 21, 2017 11:18:56 AM

Frank 5 Habits of a Productive Project ManagersProductivity. The word itself is enough to make you sit straight and focus on your screen. In real life, though, the concept is like a white buffalo, and PMs lose countless hours trying to catch it.

Becoming productive is a journey, and part of running a successful studio is understanding time and how to use it to achieve your goals to advance to the top of your field.

Scroll down and start the road to become your better self.

Set Up a Workflow

Workflows are like recipes. If your ingredients don’t work, you don’t follow the steps, and the execution is wrong, your dish won’t be great. The numbers don’t lie; PwC stated that the top three reasons for project failure are linked to poor workflows. A workflow helps to keep everyone on the same page and lets you build and track how things get done. In Project Management, most common workflows are calendars, roadmaps, and pipelines.

Identify Process Improvement

Reduce duplication and simplify processes. Efficiency is capital to help your team run smoothly. By identifying where your work stands, you know where you need to improve. If you can pinpoint inefficient steps, you can give these broken processes some attention and fix what’s wrong. Different factors drive improvement; first, try automation and software aids. If that doesn’t work, try organizational changes.

Anticipate Mistakes

Mistakes happen. In 2013, KPMG found 70% of organizations have suffered, at least, one project failure. Most of these failures come from not following standard management practices that result in unreliable results. Also, remember that it is your responsibility to coordinate your team’s actions and their development. Keep a close eye on projects, and incentivize successful delivery by offering rewards and accolades.

Implement Tools

While brains and motivation are crucial for success, tools make the work smoother. PwC also found that 44% of the PMs don’t use platforms or software to help them streamline their processes. The trend might change in the future, but it’s time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t. Just make sure you won’t choose a thousand tools that don’t integrate with one another. In this context, less is more.

Stay Open

The moment you think you know everything is the moment you stop learning. Remain open to new ideas from every stakeholder, and you will improve. Everybody runs out of new insights, or ways to face a situation, and the most unexpected sources often bring freshness and meaning. Don’t leave those ideas echoing at the declaration stage and connect them to bridge strategy to capability.


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