5 Matters to Consider When Choosing a Project Management Platform

by Martin Amengual │ CEO @Frank on Sep 26, 2017 2:00:00 PM
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I have read one-too-many articles about project management platforms, and you probably have, too. In the information era, we do not need new project management tools that end up confusing us even more so than clarifying the topic.

I have researched and tested different options for years, trying to find a tool designed for the dynamic AEC world.

Sadly, the outcome was not that good. There are some significant differences between the meaning of “project” for companies that sell cars, flights, or sportswear, and for those who sell professional services.

Here are 5 matters you should address when deciding how to approach a new project management platform:

Think of the 3P: People, Process, and Platform

This is a people’s business: we sell the product of our staff’s time,and the quality of what they can do (we do not sell a phone or a plane). So yowon’t go far if you do not have the right people

Even if you have the right people, you need to have a process in place: the way you do things, who does what, and how things are done. You have to think it through, document it, and train your staff, so they know how to play.

Here comes the biggest challenge: how do you consistently follow the process and make sure your staff does not reinvent the wheel every time? You need the right platform.

Destroy Data Silos

In a fluid, intelligent, and connected world, you do not have the luxury to store information in isolated silos. Using a collection of software or apps that do wonders but do not talk to each other is not efficient. Plus, you need to sign up and check out each staff every time one joins or leaves the company.

Be AECentric

If you make money out of your projects, your firm remains in business. So focus on your craft, but keep an eye on the bottom line. Alternatively, even better, keep every eye on the bottom line. Using an online, integrated management platform means game on.

Watch the Score, but Play the Game

Using accounting reports to manage a company is like using an autopsy to treat a patient. To help you work more efficiently, you need a management platform that allows your teams play to win.

Make Sure You Are… You

Every company is unique and how you do things is what makes you different. The platform you choose must be prepared to provide both a structural spine that helps you deliver consistently, flexibility to define your ways, and templates that make you, you.

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