5 Project Management Trends to Keep an Eye On 2018

by Diego Salinas on Dec 7, 2017 9:35:24 AM


Every single consultancy firm and project management organization from the PMI to Deloitte to McKinsey have stated that 2018 is going to be a year for disruption.

Of course, changing management paradigms, new pools of workers, and cloud-based systems are giving a new face to the profession, and the tide is slowly becoming a tsunami.

The bottom line is this: Project management is becoming people-oriented and reliant on technology.

What do you say of this?

Keep reading and find out how 2018 project management trends are going to shape your studio.

Agile Methodologies for Project Management

There is no “one size fits all” in project management and being adaptive is among the main traits a PM needs. Agile, while not being a methodology in itself, is a series of principles that can be applied to project management and deliver results.

Agile focuses on function and delivery, emphasizing flexibility to make adjustments. With agile methodologies, your collaborators also become decision-makers, and you spend less time directly managing your teams.

Project delivery agility is paramount to grow in 2018 and Agile has disrupted traditional delivery methodologies. Agile methodologies such as Scrum will keep on growing and become more than a project management fad.

Integration between Change Management and Project Management

Change management is slowly becoming one of the project management best practices. PMs are recognizing the role of change management in project success and are investing in providing their projects with more structure and consistency that creates a common language and application for your studio management.

In a nutshell, change management provides a structure that supports your stakeholders to move from what they do to what they will be doing.

Organizational Change Management needs to be part of your project management strategy. While project management makes sure your solutions work, change management ensures everybody accepts and embraces it.

Millennial Project Managers

Millennials are the talk of the year, and the trend won’t change soon. For most millennials working in studios, getting a PMP or a Scrum Master certification is the next logical career step, and they put pressure on the industry to be accepted and integrated.

In 2017, the PMI released a report that highlighted retirement as the main reason why project management positions are opening up, and millennials are filling the gap, bringing new paradigms to your studio.

For 2018, invest in giving your millennial collaborators the tools they need to succeed, by creating better professionals you’re nurturing your studio and the industry.

Developing Emotional Intelligence Capabilities

Are you building the right relationships with your stakeholders?

As an owner, you’re expected to follow the project management best practices all the time, and you need to call on trustworthy relationships with your collaborators and clients. Without their support, you can’t expect revenues or success.

Emotional intelligence has become imperative for PMs. Technical skills are great, but they’re not enough, and soft skills are gaining traction.

Project management is evolving, and the trend for this 2018 is becoming a more emotionally open professional that uses emotions to improve decision-making; a person capable of operating in complex situations and lead change.  

Project-Based ERP Systems

Maybe you’re still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your projects and Excel is great, but there are other choices out there, and it won’t hurt you to know them.

ERPs have been here for decades now, but cloud-based systems can help you protect your information and give a horizontal access to information, something your stakeholders value.

Also, an ERP could help you forecast resources throughout your project’s lifecycle before you start that contract, letting you centralize communications. Besides, project management ERP systems often follow agile or PMI-based methodologies, which could help you implement some of these solutions to your practice. 

Your studio’s size doesn’t matter either because there are options tailored for every organization, and yours would probably fit.

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