How to Become a Positive Influence for your Team

by Diego Salinas on Nov 16, 2017 10:41:21 AM


Being a PM is, in a way, like being a Renaissance person: it requires an array of skills that range from quick, assertive thinking to organization and knowledge of the human behavior. For that reason, to lead and bring your project forth, you have to know your primary asset: the team.

Don’t ever forget that the Project Manager’s leadership style influences project success. Actually, according to the PMI, different project management approaches are appropriate for different types of project. A positively driven team, led by an adaptive PM, is capable of tackling larger-than-life projects with a big smile on their faces; also, working with happy collaborators is much more fun and exciting.

Being a renaissance person wasn’t easy, and being a PM is not either, but we’re here to help. In your next project, why don’t you try some of these tips? They might seem like a no-brainer; but, trust us, they’ve been field tested and work wonders for your studio.

Boost Creativity

Give your collaborators freedom to call the shots themselves, and grant your team a higher degree of self-rule. This style works wonders in creative settings and minimizes the need for close supervision. Provide feedback and boost drive; offer them the tools to accomplish the objectives, but never forget your role is not to direct but to guide. Be a safety net, not a straitjacket.

Keep your Collaborators Motivated

Sometimes, both remote or in-house workers feel drained or suffer from lack of motivation after these oh-too-long projects we all know and, seldom, endure. To counter that, offer rewards and praises when the collaborators have earned them. Give your teams clear objectives to avoid burnout or low motivation. Organize them by the task at hand and keep them focused. Your team’s eyes should be on the price, and their feet safely anchored to the ground. 

Transform your Team

It doesn’t matter if you’re working remotely or in-house: a leader needs to transform its workplace. In this case, we are not talking about a great office space –although it most certainly helps. Transformation, in this context, means changing your team’s mindset and redirecting their thinking. Make them feel excited and hyped. Create a vision of your project and use all the tools to convey it. Stimulate their imagination, make them feel part of the project, and empower them to be agents of the change you started.

Be Aware of the Situations

Leadership is situational, depending on the needs of your team and those of each collaborator. There are moments to play and moments to work; also, there are moments to play working. Like a Renaissance artist, you need to know how different materials work in each situation. You can’t use a hammer on a canvas unless you know what you’re doing. Thus, there are moments to be a painter, moments to use the hammer and the chisel to sculpt, and times where you need to be an architect. Take a moment to see what your team needs and be the person for the situation. 

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