Is Your Team Engaged? Probably Not.

by Diego Salinas on Oct 25, 2017 1:15:13 PM


According to Gallup, only 30% of the employees feel engaged. Employee engagement doesn’t mean happiness. It doesn’t mean satisfaction either. Your team might be satisfied or comfortable and unwilling to make an effort on their own.

Being engaged means working proactively on behalf of the organization. It’s an emotional commitment to the team and the organization’s goals. Engaged teams actually care for their studio, not for their paycheck.

If your employees are not engaged, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe you’re taking a wrong approach and making these mistakes. Maybe not, but it won’t hurt you to see these red flags before they really hurt your studio.

Too Many Performance Reviews

Have you ever tried to conduct a survey? Your results were probably positive. Maybe too positive. Your collaborators might be great performers; that’s great, but they might not replicate your company’s values. The traditional performance review does not encourage employee development. Instead of reviewing performance from a high hill, offer feedback from a neutral position and instill growth.


Seeing People as Tools

This is probably a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many managers look at their teams as resources. If you don’t trust and respect your team, they won’t  do their part. The same goes for those managers who are unwilling to listen to their collaborators. Let them become influencers and have a say, and you’ll have half of your work done.  Everybody understands they are part of something, but it's up to you to make them feel like humans. 


Your Vision Doesn’t Show

Maybe you have great ideas, but you don’t communicate them effectively. It’s possible that your team don’t understand where your organization is going and that could lower motivation. Your studio’s goals might not be well-aligned, and your collaborators might resent that fact. You are your firm’s principal multiplier. It is your responsibility to give them a clear idea of the road ahead.

Need a Hand?

Imagine trying to dig a hole with a spoon. If it’s small, you might do it; but the bigger the hole, the bigger the tool and a spoon just won’t do. If your studio grows and you don’t ease your team’s burden, morale –and your numbers– shall go down. Invest in new technologies that help you manage your resources better. An ERP like Frank that is focused in the AEC industry is a great way to start because it focuses your team’s energy on what really matters.


Topics: Project Management, Professional Development