How to Draw Millennials to your Firm

by Diego Salinas on Aug 16, 2017 12:00:00 PM


How to Draw Millennials to your Firm


Today, millennials compose most of the workforce. Actually, chances are you have at least one in your studio, and there will be more of them in the future.

Millennial participation in the labor market is growing. Yet, since most of the A/E firms are multigenerational, the mix of expectations, work ethics, and communication skills might be enough to put off even the savviest PM.

The survival of your studio depends on how well you adapt and embrace transformations. Change is never easy, but one thing is for sure: millennials will become the centerpiece of your studio in the next five years. That’s why attracting and keeping new talent is one of the top priorities for any studio owner.

So, be a part of it. Start rewriting your playbook before reality hits you in the face.

  • Promote Virtual / Remote Teamwork

The internet is crucial to success. Millennials are used to speaking with people online and find this system even more comfortable than regular, face-to-face communications. Besides, you have access to a broader list of potential collaborators from all over the world. Having a Cloud-Based Project Management Platform to share information will keep you in control.

  • Allow Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Challenge your millennial stakeholders. Boost your collaborators’ creativity and let them explore and come up with solutions. However, be aware that some of these ideas might sound zany. Let them find a workflow with which they can maintain focus and creativity while keeping the tasks clear and the project’s goals visible. Stimulate innovation and they will flock to your office.

  • Reinvent your Workplace

Turn the office into a fun, flexible place to work and stay. Flip the place around. If you are to stay in it, you’d better enjoy your time there. Make the studio the place your stakeholders want to be at. Streamline your processes and make them more people-friendly. This means decision-making has to be quicker and achievable. Your firm incubates talent and innovation, make sure your workplace screams that.

  • Don’t Forget Feedback and Rewards

You want to attract passionate people who want to stay, right? Then, acknowledge their actions. Reward those who’ve earned it; build trust as well as dedication. Today’s generation sees feedback as positive and likes receiving comments about their performance. Start simple and be positive; many PMs don’t even congratulate their teams on a job well done. Don’t be like that. Always keep your communications open and let them know how about their performance.

  • Acknowledge their voice

Thanks to the internet, millennials know how to raise their voice. Hear what they have to say about the project; take their suggestions in mind and see how viable they are. Use those insights and help them grow, grooming them into better collaborators. Listen to their ideas: you will bring a different set of skills to the table and the fresh perspectives will enrich your workflow.

All in all, you’re probably experiencing this shift in your studio since most interns and young architects are fresh out of college and budding with inspiration and fresh thoughts. What millennials might lack in experience, they have in willingness to improve. Give them the tools and let them figure out the rest.


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