5 Steps to Keep Millennials in your Firm

by Diego Salinas on Sep 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

 Millennials emphasize motivation, creativity, and knowledge-sharing. Forget what you've learned about Project Management so far and shift the paradigm.

We’ve talked already about how to draw millennials to your firm; now it’s time to talk about how to make them stay.

First of all, forget most of what you’ve learned about Project Management so far.

Done? All right.  Now, think again. The practices most PMs currently follow need a major revamp that shifts the paradigm from hierarchization to collaboration. Current trends emphasize motivation, creativity, and knowledge-sharing. 

Without these elements, your collaborators will never stay and the resources you spent in drawing them will be lost. Find out how and hit the ground running since day one.

Reimagine Management

Project management stopped being a science or a set of processes and became a part of your firm’s DNA. This can be resumed in three words: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Your team wants to be creative and collaborate around something whose values they share instead of blindly following procedures. Show them the big picture and let them be part of it.

Become an Influencer

While Project Managers are, traditionally, leaders, their labor shall focus not only on achieving results but also on becoming intrapreneurs that carry forward the vision and the bottom line of the studio. Make use of your untapped potential for new ideas and generate new ways of facing challenges. In short, become a motor and a developer that leads through innovation.

Measure Impact

Nowadays, the need for measuring impact is of paramount importance in the AE business. Metrics can be powerful to measure work, but they can be equally powerful as a measure of your staff’s contribution. Metrics help you pinpoint how your team members are doing and give you an objective look of to their performance. It’s not tracking time, it’s tracking impact.

Offer Stability

This means more than offering a stable gig. The current business climate is more diverse, complex, and stressful than previous generations. Leverage your team member’s different insights and give them the opportunity to thrive in the workplace and accomplish long-term goals in a studio that represents something rather than dumping years of their life in a faceless company where the only return you get is money.

Showcase Talent

High self-expectations can hinder performance if left unchecked, that’s why it’s important to show the results that really matter. This goes in hand with the stability. Let your team know their work means something and their name has weight. Everybody wants to see what they do right and the road that brought them there

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