Never Wondered how Santa Started?

by Martin Amengual │ CEO @Frank on Dec 23, 2016 11:46:48 AM
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As a kid I believed in Santa. As a grown up, I wonder how would Santa keep up with so many orders and deliveries, with such short time frame to deliver (only one night!). Did elfs use spreadsheets? I bet they did.

When I look back I sometimes wonder what made it possible for me to start small and grow smart. Every time I think about it, I end up thinking it was indeed a combination of things.

We had a great market opportunity, the US was booming. We had a great idea. And of course we worked really hard.

But that was until I figured there was no more room for "harder work". The week had 7 days, and each day only 24 hs. So there was no more juice to squeeze.

My spreadsheets did a fantastic job. They helped my shape my ideas. But they also took between 4 and 5 days per month to deal with information processing. That was the time I decided to turn my fragile system into a robust platform.

With an engineering background, the only way to handle growth was to set up a system that could scale things up. What kind of growth? Well, doubling every year. We started being 2 partners, and we were around 170 architects, engineers and digital artists in less than 5 years.

Even though I recall a dozen (better said, a few dozens) anecdotes of problems we had when deploying our platform, when I look back I believe this was the bedrock that kept us going through the tough times that came along.

In every and all market conditions, it is always about the bottom line. Your craft is your driver. Having a solid management platform prevented us from wasting time in futile duties, and free up our time for what matters most: clients, projects, and having fun.

I believe Santa uses a platform. Otherwise, how can he still enjoy doing what he is doing?

Happy Holidays!


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